Ask is a monthly advice column, addressing some of the most frequently discussed issues in the Internet Peering Community today.

The Best Source for Peering Information?

Q: What is the best source of information for a peer?

A: Are you any relation to the singer?Anyway, I am working on a white paper called The Business Case for Direct ...

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The Business Case for Direct Connect

Q: What is Direct Connect and how does it work? How much does it cost to direct connect versus connect over the ...

A: Amazon started the direct connect offering in 2011 as a way to bypass the Internet and connect to a network port ...

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Building the Next Generation Peerings

Q: Just starting out here having been hired as the new peering coordinator for NetThrones. What is the critical ...

A: As a matter of fact, a small crew of us from the peering community are working now on a proposed Peering Session

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What makes a Colo?

Q: In a bind here. For our new Pied Piper compression delivery next week, we need racks to host our custom hardware, ...

A: I hear your stress, but not to worry - Urgency is my middle name.And it turns out that this is a very common story

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How to sell Peering

Q: With transit well below $1/Mbps in some places, why bother with peering?

A: The financial argument is tougher to make these days until you get up to pushing a ton of traffic. However, the ...

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The Three-Day Monty

Q: Eyeball networks won’t peer with me. What levers exist to pressure them to peer?

A: As a curator of Internet Peering tactics, and I am happy to share a new tactic in the wild, contributed ...

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Building IXP Critical Mass

Q: I would like to start up a small IXP. I understand the technology, I found a data center that will give me the ...

A: I can completely understand your nervousness.Operating and Internet exchange point is a very strange business ...

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The Business Case for Direct Connect 2

Q: Thanks for your previous answer...But the analysis in “The Business Case for Direct Connect” really pivots on the ...

A: Enrico -You are spot on. As a quick aside, it is interesting to me that the “Direct Connect Service Model” I ...

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Peering into Markets

Q: Hi. Yea, it’s Bill Lumbergh. You mentioned something about changes in the peering ecosystem back in January. Yeaaa.

A: Thanks for the note. I can now provide a little more color to my prediction about some of the emerging shifts in ...

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The Peering Pendulum Swings

Q: End of the year again... What will we see in the peering ecosystem in 2015?

A: EXPECT SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN THE PEERING WORLD IN 2015Expect to see the peering world continue its trajectory of ..

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The Peering Pendulum Swings

Q: Would peering have helped Sony?

A: Sony suffered a significant penetration, allowing unauthorized access to privileged information. According to the New

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The Peering Pendulum Swings

Q:Agree with you that cell phones sure do suck. Here is my test --> listen to hold music on your cell phone. Try it...Do

A: we used to use music as a sound source in the early Internet days. We would have audio conferences and sometimes

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Ontario IXP Symposium

Q: Word came down from top brass that peering is pretty much finished in North America. What is the G2 on peering in Can

A: I gave a talk at the IXP Symposium in Toronto earlier this month, sponsored by the Ontario government. The presentati

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Peering into China

Q: I have a lot of traffic to deliver to China. How is this best done?

A: Funny you should ask. At AfPIF, EPF, NANOG and CHINOG over the last month, I discovered two interesting things about

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Peering Math 101

Q: DrPeering - What is the cost of peering from Bucharest into Frankfurt? Does it make sense financially to peer?.

A: Dr. Floyd - For this, let’s apply the Business Case for Peering: Assume*: Transport: 10Gbps circuit from Bucharest

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Peering Math 101

Q: DrPeering - I’m heading to the next NANOG and was curious: how cliquey is the peering community. How does one get i

A: Karl - First, the good news. The Peering Community is composed of a lot of really nice people, and several peering f

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African Peering Ecosystems

Q: DrPeering - I learned of your travels to the African Peering and Interconnect Forum (AfPIF-5) in Senegal. How are t

A: Dr. Floyd -Thanks for the question.ISOC put on another terrific AfPIF event. After five years, they really have this

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The Days of the Peering Renaissance

Q: DrPeering - Is it me, or are things in the peering ecosystem changing rather quickly these days? Astrid Levinson

A: Astrid -I have seen this as well. Let’s look at a historical comparison. When the black plague swept Europe, it kille

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The IXP Lifecycle

Q: DrPeering - You write about the value of IXPs... what are the forces that cause their formation, and what causes t

A: Bob -Competition encourages us to stretch and innovate, to create new products that delight the market, that abstract

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New Peering Coordinator

Q: DrPeering - I’m a senior NetEng, now assigned to also serve as peering coordinator. sigh. Never did this before.

A: Peter - Thanks for the note. I have helped new peering coordinators go through this process. Embrace this career

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Internet Transit Tricks

Q: We are buying Internet Transit and getting prices way higher than your graph shows:

A: Thanks for the note. Internet Transit pricing varies per market and varies based on competition and access proximity

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Paid Peering Primer

Q: DrPeering - Thanks for the articles - What is your definition of paid peering? If I get free peering with ISP A, b

A: To answer this, let’s start with the definition of “Peering,” excerpts from The Internet Peering Playbook, and then t

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The Comcast-Netflix Paid Peering Debate

Q: DrPeering - What do you make of the Netflix paid peering relationship with Comcast? Is this good or bad for peerin

A: Thanks for the question. Much like a living organism, the Internet peering ecosystem responds and reacts to the stim

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Peering for Cloud

Q: DrPeering - Why would enterprises peer? Louis Winthorpe III

A: Enterprises have traditionally kept focused on their core competencies and outsourced non-strategic services to the b

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The Compelling Peer Pitch

Q: DrPeering - We have a new service offering that in two years will be the most compelling content in the world. I am

A: Don’t hold your breath. There is a saying that “Eyeballs love Content, and Content loves Eyeballs.” This describes t

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The Compelling Peer Pitch

Q: DrPeering - Thanks for writing The Internet Peering Playbook. When is the next edition coming out? Jock Lindsey

A: Jock - The 2014 Internet Peering Playbook is available in French now for the Kindle!

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Tier 1 ISP Telecom Italia has De-Peered Everyone

Q: DrPeering - Are there Tier 1 ISPs that peer openly? Enrico Pollini

A: In The Internet Peering Playbook I pointed out that Tier 1 ISPs don’t peer with anyone else, because they don’t have

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2014 Transit Prices and Peering Projections

Q: DrPeering - What is the outlook for peering in 2014 ? Is the peering value proposition growing, declining, or stay

A: Adam and Barbara - thanks for the question. It is time to pull out my crystal ball. First, since Internet Transit is

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Most Peering Obstacles are Not Technical

Q: If peering is so compelling, why isn’t every network full-mesh peered? Wouldn’t that lead to a transit free Internet?

A: Frank - Peering provides access to each others customers, but there tends to always be a need to get traffic elsewhe

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Peering Improves Security

Q: Constructing a niche secured ISP - does Peering play a role in the security story? Marty Bishop

A: Marty - There are at least 3 reasons why Internet Peering is inherently more secure than Internet Transit. 1) Peere

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Peering Coordinator Job

Q: How do we hire a peering coordinator? Jerry Lundegaard

A: Jerry - Thanks for the note. I am a peering coordinator fan. I have always admired peering coordinators for their un

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Interconnection is All About the Blend

Q: Greetings. I have heard you speak about Internet peering and interconnection. My firm operates an e-commerce site th

A: Marvin -Welcome to the DrPeering Interconnection Cafe.The challenge for network architects and engineers is to create

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The Battle Continues: Peering vs. Transit

Q: I see another wave of 10G port pricing drops across Europe. What does this do to The Business Case for Peering? Ilsa

A: Ilsa - of all the blogs in all the blogosphere in all the web - thanks for walking into mine. Decreasing the price of

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Transit Traffic at Internet Exchange Points?

Q: Hi DrPeering, I am modeling the Internet Peering Ecosystem. When an ISP connects to the IXP, 1)Is the ISP bound b

A: Z.M. - Thanks for the questions. Bound by Peering Policy? There is no requirement to define, implement or rigidly con

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An International Peering Model (Part 2 of 2)

Q: <Previously on Ask.DrPeering....> DrPeering – How should we think about expanding our peering and network footprin

A: Harry - In the previous article we discussed the three traffic types and corresponding revenue. Now we will exercise

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Cell Phones Are Just Terrible

Q: DrPeering – Do the mobile cell-phone networks peer? Nomophobic Nancy Noonan

A: Nancy - They say we don’t a landline anymore. They ask “Who wants to be tethered to a wall phone?” They say “That is

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An International Peering Model (Part 1 of 2)

Q: DrPeering – How should we think about expanding our peering and network footprint internationally?Harry ZimmChili Pal

A: Harry - At the end of every Internet Peering Workshop we end up at the same discussion; How should we think about our

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Content Companies are more fun

Q: DrPeering – I am a networking guy in college and ready to intern for a company that I might want to join in a few y

A: Justin - There are good reasons for network engineers to go work for a content company : content companies are more f

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Home Network Recommendation

Q: DrPeering – I hope you can hear the anxiety in my tone - TV is complicated today. There is no single box that you w

A: G. Gottfried - I can hear your loud and clear. Thanks for the question and I would love to talk about home networking

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Peering for Cloud Providers

Q: DrPeering – I don’t like my colocation provider. They -charge too much, -make it difficult and time consuming to cr

A: Joel - It sounds like a sticky situation. There are three factors that keep companies (sticky) as customers of coloca

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Who buys from whom?

Q: DrPeering – Is there a resource that can help me understand what tier 1 providers serve which tier 2s and which tie

A: Chip - There is no authoritative source highlighting the flow of money between ISPs, so people in the industry tend t

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Modeling the Internet? 10 things to check.

Q: DrPeering – Is it possible to model the network layer of the Internet for my graph theory class? I can get tracerou

A: Douglas - Yes, but there will inevitably be well documented failings modeling the Internet using traceroutes and BGP

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Are Cross Connects Too Damn Expensive?

Q: DrPeering – Are colocation center cross connects too damn expensive? Jimmy McMillan

A: Jimmy - To the colocation provider, cross-connects are a wonderful high-value and high-margin product. In the U.S., c

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Why IXPs are even more important now

Q: DrPeering – Are Internet Exchange Points increasing or decreasing in significance in the Internet Peering Ecosystem

A: Internet Exchange Points are becoming the video distribution centers of the Internet. It is on-line video that makes

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The Great Remote Peering Debate

Q: DrPeering – What is Remote Peering? Josey Wales, Missouri Bushwacker

A: Josey - thanks for the question as it allows me to discuss an emerging trend in the form of a Great Remote Peering De

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Peering in Africa

Q: DrPeering – We are exploring network and data center build plans in emerging markets. Where do you see peering and

A: Don - From a 30,000 foot perspective, peering is pretty well baked in the U.S., Western Europe, and much of Asia. The

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Content Provider Peering

Q: DrPeering – We are a large and aggressively growing content provider and we are curious about whether all of this I

A: Wile E. - Thanks for the question... And the short answer is YES! The next generation of content providers are in fa

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The value of an Internet Transit Network

Q: DrPeering – In your book you talk about the value of an Internet Exchange Point: Value of the IXP = ValueDerived -

A: Thanks for the question Adrian. I tie the value of an Internet Transit Network to the value derived by the customer b

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FedWire Outage

Q: DrPeering – How many different types of fiber outages are there? Sweet Polly Purebread

A: Polly - When people dig, their eyes are keen, But here are cuts that I have seen. FedWire Outage This is when there

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Why do Internet Transit Prices Drop?

Q: DrPeering – I noticed your Internet Transit price graph (

A: Yes, and the cause of transit price drops is another common discussion at peering fora so I will share some of the th

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What up w/Peering in China?

Q: DrPeering – What do you know about peering in China? Anonymous

A: Thanks for the note. From and Internet Region perspective, China looks very much like every other Internet Region in

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How has Internet Peering changed?

Q: DrPeering – How has Internet Peering changed over the past 10 years or so? Gern Blanston

A: The Internet Peering Ecosystem in the U.S. has changed significantly from 1987 to 2000, and even more significantly f

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The Next International Internet Peering Hot Spots?

Q: DrPeering – Why Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam and not as much in Bucharest, Helsinki, or Lisbon? Is it just that

A: Ethel – I discussed your question with a bunch of colleagues attending APRICOT 2012 in New Delhi, and here are the ha

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