The Compelling Peer Pitch


DrPeering -

Thanks for writing The Internet Peering Playbook. When is the next edition coming out?

Jock Lindsey


Jock -

The 2014 Internet Peering Playbook is available in French now for the Kindle!

The French Edition in print will be available from mid-January, and the English Edition for Kindle, iPad and Print will also be available in January. Thanks to Irina Trentea and her team at the Lyon-IX for handling the translation.

The new editions feature a ton of data center photos from Equinix, CoreSite, DuPont Fabros, DE-CIX, AMS-IX, etc. There are also two new chapters on Remote Peering and International Peering. The business case for peering is updated with some 2014 price points as well.

These books are being used by the Internet Society for the AXIS peering training across the French-speaking parts of Africa. This is a peering outreach activity, and those of us working to evangelize peering are thrilled to see the progress that ISOC is making with these books, helping to grow the peering community across Africa.

Speaking of thanks...A heartfelt thanks to all of the readers - there are a few thousand of you out there now! According to my hosting company, we are getting 1300-1700 page views per day, which is a lot of interest in peering!

Based on the inBox, I believe that many of these page views are from financial institutions and investors in the data center space. Many are interested in the recent shifting dynamics surrounding the regional peering points and the leaders in the IXP space. Many are very knowledgeable about the massive and growing colocation market and the emerging cloud maneuvers.

Thanks for the questions, the comments and suggestions. We will continue to evolve the DrPeering portal and the books based on your feedback, so keep the comments coming.