The Peering Pendulum Swings


DrPeering - 

End of the year again... What will we see in the peering ecosystem in 2015?

Chef Stacy


Chef -


Expect to see the peering world continue its trajectory of evolution, further dissolving peering boundaries. Peering will evolve from single-location/multi-location peering where there is existing critical mass; the paradigm will scale towards a more distributed peering model where anyone can peer in any location from any IXP. The Open-IX initiative proved that the peering systems can change, so peering coordinators continue exploring alternatives blends for optimal traffic exchange.

The ease and speed of provisioning will drive peering beyond the market of traditional ISPs and large content; we will all see a much larger market of small network operators (1-3Gbps) and enterprises (2-200Gbps) who were previously unable to justify peering. Now the enterprise has direct connections to their mission critical network services.

In 2015, the broader market will see the peering secrets revealed:

peering is not difficult, 

peering delivers value without having to watch it,

peering pretty much stays up and keeps working., and if it fails, there is always transit to automatically fail back to.

So why not add peering in all of its forms (local, remote, paid, distributed, etc.) to the blend?

The interconnection pendulum has swung from centralized (NSFNET) to carrier-IXPs (post-NSFNET) to distributed (metro-market peering) back to centralized (carrier-neutral) and it is swinging back to distributed.

Worldwide Peering Education Tour

To help communicate this message of how to, and why to peer, DrPeering will continue his evangelism, traveling around the world signing books, training companies about peering, and leading peering tutorials. 

Will see you at a peering event in Honolulu in January, San Antonio in Feb, Oklahoma city in late February or March, the Bahamas and San Antonio in April. Please reach out if there is an opportunity to present the peering message.