The Peering Pendulum Swings


DrPeering - 

Agree with you that cell phones sure do suck. 

Here is my test --> listen to hold music on your cell phone. Try it...

Do you hear 1960’s AM radio quality or worse?

I can’t believe we have to suffer through this junky service in 2014. We need a high def phone system that at least returns us to the quality of land lines of the 1970’s.

Thela Hun Gingeet


Thela - we used to use music as a sound source in the early Internet days. We would have audio conferences and sometimes video conference calls, and back then we would spend the first half hour stumbling over the technology issues. When someone was speaking, it was never clear if they paused or if there was sound lost due to a problem. We seem to have accepted this 1990’s era terrible service level as “good enough.”

Music is indeed a good test. You can easily hear when there are artifacts in the codecs or transmission - we all know how a popular song is supposed to sound.

The other anomaly that drives me nuts is the latency. Sometimes it seems like we have to go back to saying “over” after completing a phrase. I really don’t understand how people cut the landline cord.

Peering of course may be part of the solution - directly connecting may remove network hops and decrease the latency slightly, but it is unlikely to correct problems related to the variety of clever and mildly incompatible technologies now in between the phone devices.